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Ukrainian towing company Axon Shipping has increased the number of towing services provided to vessels in Ukrainian seaports by 38% since the beginning of 2020. This was announced by the company’s commercial director Vitaly Malkin, summing up the work for 11 months of 2020.

“Since the beginning of the year, we have managed to attract 3 more tugs, increasing the number of fleets under the control of Axon Shipping to 7 units. The high professional level of the crews of our tugs, which consist exclusively of Ukrainian sailors, ensures the appropriate quality of towing services, so the number of orders from agents, terminals and shipowners is increasing. This allowed the company to expand the geography of services and successfully compete with other market participants, including in one of the largest ports in Ukraine – “South”, – said Vitaly Malkin.

Currently, Axon Shipping has a successful experience in the ports of Pivdenny, Mykolayiv and Kherson. Based on the company’s work in 2020, a decision will be made on the feasibility of further increasing the fleet by purchasing tugs of fire and ice classes and expanding the company’s fleet presence in other ports of Ukraine.


Axon Shipping LLC has been operating in the Ukrainian towing market since 2016. The company’s fleet consists of 7 tugs with a capacity of 1600 to 4900 hp. The company has a successful experience in the ports of “South”, “Nikolaev” and “Kherson”.